About Us

The beginning of God’s new world

Join us in building a NEW Copper Country!

Copperland Corporation works with community leaders to create opportunities for small business growth.


Our mission is to develop Michigan’s Upper Peninsula copper district into a regional economic powerhouse using a revolutionary strategy of Christian democratic socialism in industry & economics.

Goals & Activities

We put together economic growth plans based on grassroots industries. Based on years of missionary work in nearly two dozen countries, Copperland Corporation’s founders are using Christian principles in the area of industrial growth. Programs include:

  • Empowering small shop manufacturers to deliver space-age products into all global markets.
  • Providing licensing & technical know-how in order to stimulate highly-efficient, pro-environment industries capitalized by individual entrepreneurs.
  • Demonstrating economies-of-small-scale in space-age mining, mineral processing and renewable energy industry using the Upper Peninsula’s abundant Sun, Wind, Water and renewable Fire resources.
  • Working with local communities to set up democratically-owned, nonprofit, high-efficiency utilities.
  • Buy Copper Country mine sites & develop district heating, year-round greenhouses, and heritage theme park village projects.

The beginning of the Kingdom of God on earth.

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