Constitutional Rights

On the Constitution & Bill of Rights

US Constitution

Federal, state, and some local governments are presently in contempt of both the spirit and letter of U.S. Constitutional law.

The Constitution states that we are all endowed by God of certain inalienable rights - which is reiterated by the actual Bill of Rights.

In relatively recent history (beginning in 1934), the federal government decreed that the people do not in fact have a Second Amendment right. In the 1980’s they went on to decree that citizens could be stripped of this right for minor infractions or disputes with the government.

To strip a citizen of the United States of any right is a violation of U.S. Code section 242. A citizen may not be stripped of even one right, or he no longer has any rights.

This is a violation of not only his Constitutional rights, but is in fact a treasonous act on the part of Congress, the White House, and the Supreme court. It is treason against the Constitution to alienate any citizen from his inalienable rights, and for this action the government must be replaced by any and all means necessary. - Code 242 calls for imprisonment or death for usurpers of authority.


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