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Not a whole lot of people know that Patrick Henry, patriot & champion of individual rights, boycotted the constitutional convention in 1887 because federalists were perverting the newly-formed USA.

Wealthy Federalists pulled strings to form an oligarchy that favored  rich property owners, encouraged the slave trade, burdened people with taxation, and watered down states’ rights. Henry commented publicly, “I smell a rat,” and  became an anti-federalist who eventually saw that a Bill of Rights was added to the U.S. Constitution.

The rat smells even worse today - so we have dedicated the rest of our lives on earth to organize a NEW nation, beginning here in Copper Country. This new country will not be dependent on a handful of rich eking out crumbs to working poor.

Our gospel is one of self-determination. Christian sharing, garage-level democratic industries & socialized utilities are a start on the pathway to liberty & freedom. - International greed economics can’t take you down if you cut your ties with bad government, debt financing & reliance on multinational corporations for job insecurity.

So race to the bottom, and develop a lifestyle based on the horizontal economy (build/buy/trade locally first). We have the “rocket science” to make this a reality - and we want to hear from people who hear the call.

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