Partner Companies

Economic growth through democratic industries


Copperland Corporation works with communities, entrepreneurs & suppliers to deliver solutions to man’s most serious problems - air quality, oxygen depletion, climate change, wealth inequality, and sustainable energy & resource use.

Copperland member companies support these goals. Together we are moving the world into a Christian democratic socialist economic system resulting in abundance for all.

We invite small businesses & individuals in Copper Country to become partner companies in our “Pathway to Economic Freedom” program.


Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc

As a partner company in Copperland Corporation’s “Pathway to Economic Freedom” alliance, PNGinc licenses its proprietary technologies to a new generation of manufacturing industrialists. First on deck in this  initiative is a vertical-axis micro-wind generator, designed by PNGinc’s CEO Ken Rieli. Built as a kit by DIY customers, this small wind turbine takes full advantage of low-wind conditions.

WorldKar Corporation

Extreme efficiency sport commuter now being prototyped - WorldKar. The solution to gridlock fuel consumption.

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