Space-age Mining

Small-scale mining for raw-to-ready industries

Local product manufacturing using Copper Country resources

A growing global population is demanding metals in record quantities:  copper for moving water resources, manganese for producing high-grade steel, aluminum, zinc & other minerals that must be  sustainably & economically mined.

By using free fusion power from the sun, it is now cost-effective to  pull every atom of valuable minerals out of rock. - Even if you are a small company working a “poor rock” pile.

In the past, Copper Country mining companies shipped copper ingots to far-flung places where it was used to manufacture finished products. When copper prices plummeted, mine employment suffered & companies sometimes stockpiled ore until the market turned around. Meanwhile, manufacturers of wire & other products reaped profits.

Copperland’s economies-of-small-scale strategy for economic development keeps profits in the local community.

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