Universal Law

Liberty & freedom are earned through obedience to God’s Supernatural Law

I believe that the key to everything happening in Heaven, hell, and on the earth, hinges on this one simple concept: Whose words do you obey?

The Word of God cannot change anything for man - it is rather the obedience to God’s Word that changes things. Today you have whole nations following the words of man, call laws. The laws of the USA today contradict the original declarations and bills of rights, and yet the masses here obey & follow these words of old Jews - in contradiction to the American patriarchs and in contradiction to God.

So then, do we continue to believe in the laws of man - no matter which country contrives them -  or do we obey the Word and the laws of God?

All of life on this planet can be boiled down to this simple concept and action: Who and what do you obey?

If we obey the Jews of the USA, we will continue to lose all liberty & freedom. If we obey the laws of God, through the revelations of Jesus, we will gain all powers of the universe, including supernatural laws of faith healing.


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