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Community-owned Utilities

Copperland community owned minewater district heating utilities

Don’t squander valuable mine resources

A number of studies have proven that minewater district heating reduces & permanently caps heating utility costs. Combined heat & power from renewable sources can CUT YOUR BILLS to a fraction of today’s costs - and keep them at bay forever.

Copper magnates left behind mine shafts that can be used for:

  • Year-round greenhouse agriculture
  • Geothermal storage for district heating systems
Copper Country mine shaft rock temperatures

The growth potential locked in these Copper Country mines for small industries is UNLIMITED! It’s time for the Copper Country to lead the world into a sustainable economic model, built on:

  1. Low overhead (heat & power) from free renewable energy for residents & businesses
  2. 100% employment using our “small shop” economic principles.

This will require a revolution in economic & community thinking.

Copperland is now modeling Copper Country historic sites

Currently, mine subsidence is being looked upon as a liability rather than an opportunity. Instead of permanently capping abandoned mine shafts to the tune of $75,000 each - and squandering this valuable energy resource - the time is now to RE-USE these shafts.

Local self-determination

How does it work?

Local ownership of nonprofit 501(c)12 utilities keeps heating costs eternally LOW for members. (Who, in their right mind, wants to raise their own utility bills?)

Collected solar heat on rooftops adds to the geothermal bank (water-filled mineshaft), and renewable energy powers heat pumps & critical systems. - We have the “rocket science” that makes it work!

Copperland brochure: Community-owned Utilities


Tell your local politicians to work with Copperland to initiate a community-owned district heating project in your county. We’re ready to add our technical know-how to local utility startups in Central, Mohawk,  Allouez, Eagle River, Phoenix, Eagle Harbor, Copper Harbor, Calumet/Laurium, Houghton, Hancock, Wolverine, Kearsarge - and beyond.


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