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Part 4 in the Copperland Wind Workshop series: How to build your own wind turbine blades! Templates, tips, tube assembly & what’s NEXT...

Microwind turbine blades, tube bending tips & assembly techniques

Save $thousands on this wind generator when you build your own blades!

Our partner company builds the critical hardware. You follow online workshops to build & mount your blades.

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This cool “Copper Country Wind Project” video is available at the News channel on YooperTube -

YooperTube "Copper Country Wind Project" video

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Copperland Corporation donates parts for Mohawk, MI school project

Also watch: “Micro-wind generator tower project”, “PM alternator basics”, “Rooftop mount tips” and “Rooftop Mount 2: Parts & Assembly” on the Copperland YouTube channel.


Horizons high school wind turbine project gets a boost

Mohawk, MI - Copperland Corporation recently donated a rooftop mount to enable Horizons High School students to complete their wind generator project.

The ambitious “Civics in Action” project began September 2014, and has attracted contributions from local businesses who see renewable energy as a key to economic growth. Michigan’s Copper Country presently has the highest electric rates in the USA outside Hawaii.

Horizon’s student Konrad Lester, as Head Engineer & project leader, began the project with Bob Aaron acting as Assistant Engineer. Student Bronson Lester is completing the wind turbine. Civics In Action teacher and project supervisor is Troy Jarvi.

Copperland Corporation partners are finalizing products that build a pathway to economic freedom through local industry. The micro-wind generator mount shown above is the first in a series of renewable energy industry opportunities.

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 small wind turbine sales and/or installation.

Training young industrialists at the Copperland Wind Generator Workshop

Copperland Wind Workshop on YouTube

Live at:

Copper Country economic growth depends on young, energetic industrialists in small "invisible" shops to supply sustainable energy products to local & global markets. Randall & Konrad Lester are learning machining skills at the first Copperland Wind Generator Workshop.


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